This video will open the endless expanses of the ocean and the majestic beauty of its waves as they lap onto the shore just for you.

At the Edge of the Earth - relax video watch the ocean

Welcome to the ocean shore, the real edge of the earth, where the land ends and the realm of the water element begins. Listen to the mellifluous sound of the ocean waves lapping onto the shore with a soft rustle.

Forget the hustle and bustle of the big city and relax. Imagine that you are really sitting on the beach admiring its majestic expanse or that you’re diving into the next wave, completely devoting yourself to the water element. It is quite easy to accomplish this. Just turn on this video and it will take you to unknown, distant shores.

Our world is beautiful and amazing; it has a lot of diverse places to explore. If you cannot visit them, you can get to know them another way. You can conveniently listen to the sound of the surf and the sounds of the ocean waves directly at the workplace or at home. Try it and you'll have an unforgettable experience.

To Get to the Heart of the Ocean

It is up to you how long you'll enjoy the ocean, a few minutes or a few hours. But once you try it, you will have the desire to return to it again. After all, it can help you achieve complete relaxation, an understanding of the important things in life, and the secondary ones as well. It gives strength for further action, energizes, and grants optimism. You will visit the heart of the ocean and come back feeling refreshed and ready to move on.

Time inevitably runs forward. People build cities and make discoveries, forever changing the face of the planet. But some things remain unchanged. Like thousands of years ago, the wind carries the ocean waves to the shore. So it was, so it is, and so it will be.

★ Listen to the relaxing sounds of the surf and the ocean waves

Listen to the relaxing sounds of the surf and the ocean waves - Russian version

Listen to the relaxing sounds of the surf and the ocean waves - Chinese version