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thank_youSincere thanks - endangered species?

Pragmatism, profit, and the cold calculation now rule the world. Appreciation in our time is best seen as an envelope with banknotes or an expensive gift. The words "thank you" have lost their original meaning, becoming a hackneyed cliché, which everybody uses automatically. Sincere appreciation once was associated with true nobleness, which considered oral appreciation for something as yet another addition to one’s own merits. Now, the words "thank you", spoken from the heart, can be safely entered into the Red Book of the world lexicon, where such thing as "selflessness" and "heartiness” already reside.

"Thank you" – an atavism of naive people?

From childhood, we have been told that we need to be polite and appreciate the others, if they so deserve. But over time the words "thank you" have become less and less used in daily life, and in some cases disappeared altogether from the vocabulary. And it is, at least, strange - after all, the words "thank you" cannot be replaced by any other expression. Giving the verbal thanks in response to some useful or enjoyable action is not fashionable today. What a pity...

To think for "thank you"

You can try to return the value of the words "thank you" using the online meditation offered by one very interesting resource. Looking at the presented picture, you can immerse yourself in thoughts, remembering the last time when you did something for "thank you". It is in the process of relaxing self-absorption that you can try to assess the positive essence of selfless acts towards your loved ones and strangers alike. You can understand that a sincere "thank you" is in itself a promise of powerful energy that can favorably influence both a current mood and the destiny of a man in general. The point is not even in the Christian postulate, "everyone will be judged according to what they have done...", although this is quite a fair rule, and too, should not be dismissed. The essence of gratitude to others, which comes from "the soul", this is your positive biographical baggage, which will help you to cope with any trouble in this life.

Say thank you to each other – a chain reaction

If you have successfully tried meditation online in order to restore a sense of gratitude and re-learn how to say "thank you" to others, please send a link to the site to a friend or an acquaintance. Perhaps, this will trigger some kind of wellness "epidemic", reviving a sense of gratitude that will help us all get a little better. Do not think about the bad – we have enough of it in our lives. Just share your opinion on this issue, offering your loved ones an effective tool for useful reflection in the relaxed immersion in their own thoughts. And let every new appreciation be another brick in the Great Wall of the universal recognition of your soul’s best qualities.

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