Top Videos For Meditation And Relaxation
Top Videos For Meditation And Relaxation

Best Video For Meditation And Relaxation

Today, music accompanies our lives almost all day long. Mobile phones rings, commercial breaks, music in the car, albums playing in a personal player - all this creates a certain background, which is often missing the main advantages of real music, whose names are harmony, peace and positive energy. The website "Good mood" intentionally does not use musical setting, as this resource is designed for calm and relaxing meditation in silence.

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Why the silence, and not traditional Tibetan melodies, or compositions in the relaxation style? Because, according to the ancient sages, the silence hides all the sounds of the world, which are pulled from there by the talented composers with the help of a deep dive into the world of one’s own "I". The great Mozart used to say that his best works were created in total silence. Many mental illnesses are now treated with silence, and well-known expert psychologists recommend staying in complete silence for at least five minutes a day.

Thus, you are invited to listen to the silence, inaudible to the world, observing a positive image on the home page, which allows you to immerse yourself in a magical world full of non-intrusive sound of invisible orchestras.

Meditation With The Classics - Perfect Harmony

As we know, the most effective music for meditation is classic works, and no one is going to argue with this. Therefore, if your soul asks for a musical ornament, then, in the process of relaxation, you can turn on your favorite sonatas and etudes by the great composers of the past. Why the past? Because modern melodies are poisoned with the spirit of commerce, and most of them have little to do with spirituality. The classics always worked for God first, and then for humans. Hence the impressive creative power of music created by Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and other geniuses of classical music.

Music For Relaxation - Inside Us

Try to make an interesting experiment - go to the home page of our site and, while fully relaxed, take a look at the presented image for about five minutes. If you manage to eliminate the signals of the external world from your sense of perception, then sooner or later you will hear the marvelous music that will play inside you. This amazing trick does not have a scientific explanation, although, in practice, more than 90% of the subjects actually hear "in their head" quaint melodies that bring positive emotions and good mood. At the same time, headache goes away, discomfort in various body parts disappears, and normal physical tone and thinking become pronouncedly optimistic.

Relax with your inner music on our amazing site, and everything will be alright...

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Top Videos For Meditation And Relaxation
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