I received a link to the site – What does this mean?
I received a link to the site – What does this mean?

Link To a Mysterious Website - Rumors, Intrigues, Investigations

... we shall see the sky sparkling with diamonds,

We shall see how our life will be as peaceful and gentle and sweet as a caress.

A.P. Chekhov


I received a link to the site meRELAX.me – should I go there or not? The link came from a good person, who is even very close to me, but does that mean that going to this strange site will change something for the better in my life? Did I not follow different links, where my poor head was crammed with unwanted advertising, frank delirium and obscene pictures?

Well, let this be the last time - in fact the sender of this link is really trustworthy. I'm going there...

Questions and Answers

First, if you were sent a link to the site toneup.su, then you are really loved, worried about and cared for. From the first minutes of viewing a picture offered on the main page you will see that this touching "know-how" is just an attempt to lift your spirits, to help you escape from unnecessary fuss and to think about the important things in your life - health, love, relationships with others.

Second, getting this link says that you are not a hopeless person, and you can still be helped to find yourself in your own inner world. And it is your internal state that largely influences the results of the events in the outside world.

And finally, what harm may come from a few minutes of contemplation of a positive image that will allow you to escape from evil thoughts and guide your psycho-physical energy in a positive direction.

What’s There for Me at the Site?

1. It’s very simple - maybe you have depression or have been burdened by the surrounding problems? Perhaps the separation from a loved one destroys your heart? Look, meditate, relax... Go deep into your own nature and enjoy the silence.

2. You are increasingly reaching for a cigarette? You cannot go through family problems or trouble at work without the tobacco smoke? Wake up - it is a shameful weakness that a normal person can overcome only by your own willpower and logic. Read about the tobacco confrontation on the "Good mood" site, and, perhaps, a recently smoked cigarette will be your last one in a good sense of this word.

3. Are you tired of black ingratitude? Have you forgotten that the common words "thank you" possess real positive energy? It is time for you to brush up in your genetic memory on the meaning of this phrase.

4. Do you still not know about the healing magic of music? Then you are welcome to our music hut in which you soul will really rest, indulging in sweet memories of childhood and adolescence.

5. And to learn more about this surprisingly original service - leisurely read all the articles on the site that will help you understand the what and why. And, maybe, more...

In Fact, Sometimes I Do Want a Moment of Peace and Quiet.

And who does not want to? The idea came up that you could, at least once a day, spend a few minutes to sit in silence and think ... yes, in principle, you may not think about anything. You can just relax. But most importantly - at such moments you can remember your loved and dear ones who await your sincere warmth, love and good deeds. And then everything will be fine...

★ A Mysterious Link To A Mysterious Website

A Mysterious Link To A Mysterious Website - Russian version

A Mysterious Link To A Mysterious Website - Chinese version

I received a link to the site – What does this mean?
I received a link to this site - what does that mean? Scandals, intrigues, investigation - all here!