When things are bad help the healing power of anger management. Rain can not go on forever.
When things are bad help the healing power of anger management. Rain can not go on forever.

Healing power of auditory training.

Every person has a powerful natural inner energy. It can help you to control different events and emotions in your life. There are lots of well-known facts from yoga practice, hypnoses and just occasions which take place in life of ordinary people.

i feel good even if everything is bad I feel good even if everything is bad…

All these occasions prove the fact that was known thousands years ago. We are able to solve any kind of problems with the help of our inner energy. Everything is possible. The only thing which you need to learn is how to relax and tune your mind on the positive wave. Once you try to use your inner powers and witness its abilities you will get a chance to cope with the most difficult situations and problems.

A row with a person that is dear to your heart. Hush, darling…

Our life is impossible without rows and arguments with people that we love. It is a common thing in everyone’s life. The only difference is how some of us cope with such situations. The best way is to stay calm and provide your partner with some time being alone. It will help both of you to put all your thoughts together and find out true reason of your row. Then you are recommended to follow this easy auditory training. The main idea of this training is that everything is going to be fine. You do not need to go deep into the details of your row. You’d better stop thinking about it at all. Turn on relaxing music and focus on a light meditation. You will start feeling that your inner world is getting rid of all negative emotions. Now you need to remember the happiest moments together with the person you love. Let these memories flow into your mind and soul. Immerse yourself in positive emotions and warm feelings. Now you are totally relaxed and calm. All bad things have vanished; you have nothing to worry about… Everything is going to be fine…

Problems with family. Any world is better than a row

The best remedy for problems with family is being alone for some time together with your thoughts and feelings. The first thing you need to do is to relax and stay calm. You need to do your best in order to get rid of stress and emotional tiredness. Turn peaceful and relaxing music and try to think about something pleasant. You have reached one of your best and most pleasant conditions. All the problems have disappeared and you are totally relaxed. Nothing can bother you. Details of your row are not important anymore. You have forgotten about them. Think only about pleasant moments which bring you positive emotions. The storm inside your soul has been replaced by calmness. Your mind is under control of harmony and good thoughts. They are reflected in all those pleasant memories. You start to feel that your inner power gives you new opportunities. You can control your life and emotions. The beauty of the world is so great that there is no place for rows and arguments anymore.

So it be said, so it be done!

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